Trick or Treats

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I decided I couldn’t go through another school year without making fun treats for all of the holidays. Halloween has been the first to hit. I found these great Martha Stewart inspired goodie bags and filled them with kettle corn. They were a big hit for kids and adults alike! Check out the process below.

What you need:

paper bags

yellow paper

black ribbon

glue stick

small hole punch

halloween themed rubber stamp and ink

The Process:

Before opening the bags, stamp the bottom of each with your Halloween themed stamp. After the ink has dried, open each bag and line them up for easy filling. Fill each bag with your chosen treat (I used this kettle corn recipe from

Fold the top down to seal each bag after filling them with your goodies. Next, cut small yellow moons out of yellow construction paper. Paste one to the top corner of each bag.

Using the hole punch, place two sets of two small holes on the paper moon. Then feed small pieces of the black ribbon through each set of holes to look like bats.

Now they are ready to be passed out to your favorite people:)

Results: Everyone loved the bags. It isn’t everyday I have a fourth grade bow complimenting my crafting! While making these, I learned it was easier and looked just as nice if the bag was only folded over once. In the MS instructions it is recommended to fold down each corner to resemble a house. I found this prevented the bag from sealing well and just turned into more work. Personal recommendation- skip the corner folds. In addition to the bags, the kettle corn was a huge hit. I¬†recommend¬†giving it a try. How did they turn out for you?

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