Real Food Challenge Day 1

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Today was day 1 of my 10 day real food challenge. I don’t know about anyone else, but the second I decide to eliminate something I begin to crave it. All day I have been craving a sugary dessert and hot wings. I even started thinking about the fact that I won’t be enjoying hot wings while watching the Packers this week. (Clearly, hot wings are a serious weakness of mine.)

In all seriousness, the day went well. Before today, I had prepared a weeks worth of whole-wheat bread and I made sure I had honey and maple syrup in the house to use as natural sweetners. I started the day as usual sipping on coffee and I made sure to eat a good breakfast before I left for work because I know I usually enjoy snacking on the extra breakfasts that end up in my classroom. I brought extra fruit to work today just in case I got hungry (which I did). For lunch I enjoyed a big salad with some left over cauliflower from the other night. And for dinner, I have made yet another vegetarian entree to share with the world. Nothing too difficult, except for the fact that I am still brainstorming a dessert for myself.

I have learned a few things about my eating habits today. I love to snack. I guess I hadn’t realized this. I don’t feel snacking is bad, it just turns out I snack on the junk food around me rather than preparing healthy snacks. I’ve also realized just how often I eat sugar. Again, I don’t feel sugar in moderation is bad, but there is clearly room for me to cut back on my sugar intake.

Successes of the day:

I drove past Starbucks [twice] and didn’t induldge.

The kids had leftover breakfast this morning and I snacked on my apple instead.

I saw cookies in the staff lounge and didn’t even go in.

Someone offered me chocolate today, and I said no thanks.

What I’ve learned:

I need to start packing healthy snacks for myself.

I need to find some dessert recipes free from refined sugar ASAP!

I need a real food hot wing recipe and I need a real food specialty coffee recipe or two.

Well, the weekend is coming up and there is nothing like a weekend to test my will-power. I will keep you posted as I work through the next 9 days!

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4 Responses to Real Food Challenge Day 1

  1. Theresa says:

    Way to go Brooke! I know I would struggle to turn down cookies and chocolate in one day. You’ve inspired me to try the 10 day challenge, but after Thanksgiving.

  2. Maureen says:

    I am VERY inspired by your challenge too. I’m thinking of doing it myself, but probably after the holidays…..when I’ll really need it! :)

  3. Kassie. McManus says:

    Me too. Maureen, we should wait until after we have lunch.

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