Homemade Gifts: Cocoa in a Jar

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Happy St. Nick! This is one of my favorite pre-holiday traditions. I remember how excited I used to get as a kid. Once St. Nick came, it meant Christmas was just around the corner. And Christmas meant lots of food, lots of cousins to play with, and long days of sledding.

Clearly, I am one of those people that fully embrace the holiday season. Yesterday, I was thinking of how to kick off this wonderful holiday season in the world wide land of blogging. I decided on homemade holiday gifts, something I have been doing a great deal of reading about over the past several weeks. The pressure of holiday shopping can become quite stressful. For me, the easiest way to simplify life is to find some projects to craft with friends and stay home!

I thought with today being St. Nick day that it would be a perfect time to do a 5 day homemade gift series. I have been reading and testing out dozens of homemade gift ideas. I’ve landed on few that I really enjoyed. For the next week, I will share the few that I love and plan to share with some wonderful people (and puppies) in my life.

We’ll begin the week with Peppermint Hot Cocoa in a Jar

What you’ll need:

Powdered milk

Baking cocoa

White sugar

Miniature chocolate chips

Peppermint sticks, crushed


Labels and string (optional)

The process:

I didn’t include measurements because this recipe is flexible to accommodate as many jars as you would like to make. The first 5 ingredients are layered into a small jar in the order they are listed. Layer equal parts powdered milk, baking cocoa, and sugar. Top with miniature chocolate chips and peppermint stick.

Attach homemade labels with string. My labels read “Peppermint Hot Cocoa” on the front and “Mix with 1 cup hot water and Enjoy!” on the back.

Results: I tasted this before I put it together. It is rich and delicious. This gift was also surprisingly quick and easy to put together. As an added plus, I had everything but the chocolate chips and peppermint sticks in my kitchen.

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5 Responses to Homemade Gifts: Cocoa in a Jar

  1. Chris says:

    Happy St. Nick’s.

  2. Maureen says:

    Pepperment Hot Chocolate is my all time favorite!

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