Homemade Gifts: Candy Cane Vodka

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This is the last of my holiday gift series, and it may be my favorite of them all. Candy Cane Vodka! Who doesn’t love seasonal cocktails? I plan to give these with some of Grandma Kafka’s Peanut Butter Balls as office gifts.

What you’ll need:

Quality vodka

Candy canes (or other candy for a different flavor)


The process:

Fill an airtight container about ¼ full of candy canes. I crushed mine slightly. Fill your container with vodka and seal. Allow to sit about 1 day, or until candy dissolves. Taste test a shot. Adjust flavoring (candy/vodka ratio) as necessary. Once your vodka has a pleasant flavor, wrap or decorate and give the gift of happiness.

Results: This was a really easy gift to make. I used simple canning jars to make my vodka, but there are definitely nicer bottles and jars available. After the first amount of candy cane had dissolved into the vodka, the flavor wasn’t strong enough. I added more and allowed my vodka to sit for another day. This vodka would be great as a shot, but just in case that is too strong for someone’s taste, I included a Candy Cane Martini recipe on the back.

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