Holidays with Family

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The holiday season for us is always filled with lots of traveling that ends with lots of time with family and friends. This year’s travels are filled with mixed emotions and new discoveries. Today’s post is a tribute to Grandmothers and the memories they give us.

Last year, one of the most amazing grandmothers to ever be fought stage 3c ovarian cancer into remission. Last month, she discovered it is back. We’ve all been down this road before and are approaching this holiday knowing how lucky we are to all be celebrating together, but also understanding it is time to fight again and push the cancer back for good. Grandma June Bug, a.k.a. one of the most amazing grandmas, knows how much work this is going to be and is ready to approach the fight this time around with everything she has. As I walked with Grandma June Bug [and her entourage] into treatment on Monday we get the time so few people take to sit back and talk about times passed.

Grandma June Bug is known for her poetry and after we dropped her off Monday afternoon she shared some of her previously published work. This week is the perfect time to share the story of snooping in granma’s attic. I hope it inspires everyone to snoop, talk, and enjoy everyone you have this holiday season!

Snooping in Grandma’s Attic

A fun day of curious grandkids

Journeying back a bit in time,

Roaming through Granny’s attic

Finding treasures of the magic kind.

Ooooh, what a lovely music box,

That once played “You Are My Sunshine”

A heart-shaped token of lov emade special

By Grand daddy, her favorite Valentine.

A Bible and a prayer book

With rose petals pressed inside,

Gifts recieved from her papa

It’s been her constant guide.

Next comes a style show of Grandma’s

Wedding dress made from the lady herself

While delicate faded Valentines from her family

Still sit proudly on the shelf.

Classy and polished high-buckled shoes

Once worn with dignity and pride,

Blending right in with a perfect Valentine’s

Day in an imaginary buggy ride.

  By Grandma June Bug     

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  1. Aww Brooke and June–that is lovely!

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