New Year, New Start

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As many of you may have noticed over the last two weeks, the amount of writing I have been doing has reduced significantly. That is because my husband and I have been doing a great deal of holiday travel. Holiday travel began with us visiting family. We then spent 15 hours traveling to what will be our new state and are now beginning the relocation process.

With the new year, we will be getting a new start to the new year. New jobs, new city, new challenges! And we are so excited. In the process of preparing for these new beginnings, we are beginning to feel a bit under the weather. I’m not one to set a New Year’s Resolution; however, a new year challenge will be the perfect kick start to the new year.

Get ready for round two of The Real Food 10 Day Challenge. Last time I completed this, several people shared they needed more time to prepare. As a result, I will be sharing my challenge preparations, meal plan, and grocery list over the next several day says.

Stay tuned for my details and share; how do you plan to kick start your new year?

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