Real Food Challenge Preparations

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I have survived 16 days of travel! I am officially exhausted and in need of a serious new year kick start. As promised earlier, I will be sharing how I plan to begin my 10 Day Real Food Challenge. The Real Food Challenge is actually a project of another blog, but I love sharing my way through it and hope to hear how you make your way through it as well.

There are five key components to preparing for this real food challenge.

  1. Review the rules
  2. Set dates
  3. Prepare your kitchen
  4. Meal Plan
  5. Shop

I will be completing this challenge from January 5- 14. I have already reviewed the rules and now I am ready to share with you the ways that I prepare myself and my kitchen for this challenge.

  • Remove all processed foods- This is a life style change, so I am removing all processed foods from my cabinets. If this was simply a 10 day challenge for me, I would just move all the processed goods out of sight.
  • Plan a menu- I have found preplanning my real food menu prevents me from over spending at the grocery and from feeling lost at meal time. It has stopped me from going home and thinking ‘There is nothing to eat’. Rather than sharing my exact meal schedule, I will be sharing a list of meals and snacks I will be making. I know some people wanted ideas of what to eat and because everyone’s lives and likes are so different I wanted others to plan meals that fit into their schedule. Look for these details in my next post.
  • Dig out or stock up on healthy snacks- I find nuts, popcorn, fruit, edamame and yogurt to be great. I know some of these can add up so watch your local grocery advertisements for what is on sale.
  • Mental considerations and preparations- I don’t think of this change in eating as an impossible limitation. I consider it an improvement to my health. Rather than focusing on what I can’t eat, I focus on fueling my body with what it needs. For example, if I want to snack on cookies I remind myself that would be tasty but I haven’t eaten enough fruit yet today. I’m also preparing myself for some serious junk food cravings. I have spent the last two weeks eating very poorly and I know my body will by crying out for refined sugar.
  • Make bread- I make two batches of Whole-wheat French Loaves in the days before. This bread is so easy, tasty, and it makes a great snack with vinegar and oil!
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  1. Maureen says:

    Bring on the 10 day real food challenge….I’m ready! I’m starting mine today. I am excited and ready for this challenge. Good luck!

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