10 Day Challenge Begins

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Today is the first day of the 10 Day Real Food Challenge! As I’ve shared earlier, I have made my menu, completed my shopping, and baked my bread. I’m looking forward to this challenge because the holiday seems to have taken a toll on my body.

Today will continue on like any other day. I will be sticking to my menu plan and sharing my progress as the week goes by. I will be giving 2012 a healthy start!

How is your progress in the Real Food Challenge Going?

As a side note, I was hoping to share my homemade yogurt with everyone today. Unfortunately I will not be able to do this because it didn’t turn out. Twelve hours after completing the project, it is in the refrigerator looking just as milky as when I started and emitting a strong sour odor. I followed the recipe rather closely; however, there were a few things that may have gone wrong.

  1. I accidentally bought the wrong type of yogurt starter. It had been sweetened with honey.
  2. I am questioning the quality of my thermometer for a project like this.
  3. I spilled the better portion of my hot yogurt mix down my kitchen cabinet (but that’s what dogs are for right?). I’m sure this didn’t affect the outcome, but it did slow me down for a bit.

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