Homemade Yogurt

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I have successfully made yogurt and it only took two tries! I used this recipe from Happy Simple Living.

In my original attempt, using a different recipe, the yogurt remained in a thin liquid state and had a slightly sour taste. I didn’t taste it but based on looks; it definitely wasn’t worthy of eating.

The second time around the process went smoothly. I used a new process and the method was easy. By the end of the day I had creamy yogurt!

What you’ll need:

½ gallon whole milk

2 ½ plain yogurt with live cultures

The process:

Begin by setting aside 2 T. of the milk. Pour the remaining milk into a double boiler or heavy bottomed pot. Heat to 180 degrees. My double boiler wouldn’t fit all the milk so I used my enameled cast iron with the heat set extremely low. It took longer for all the liquid to heat, but it prevented the milk from burning and sticking to the bottom. If using a single heavy bottomed pot, stir frequently.

Once the milk reaches 180 degrees, remove from heat. Transfer the milk to a clean glass bowl. (I did this in the sink to prevent major spills.) Set the uncovered bowl on a cooling rack and allow the milk to cool to 105- 110 degrees. (I allowed mine to reach 108.) It is important for the bowl of cooling milk to remain uncovered at this stage.

While the milk cools, turn on the interior oven light. Mix the 2 ½ T. yogurt with the 2T. of reserved milk. Set aside until the bowl of milk cools to the appropriate temperature.

Once your bowl of milk has cooled to 105-110 degrees, gently add the milk and yogurt mix. Lightly mix everything together with a clean spoon. Cover the bowl and wrap it in a towel. Then place the bowl and towel in the oven with the light on. Allow to sit for 7-8 hours, or over night. My yogurt was in the oven for 8 ½ hours. Scoop into clean jars and refrigerate.

Results: Thick creamy yogurt! I did a taste test this morning and it tasted like a simple plain yogurt. I would expect that if you use higher quality milk the flavor would be better; however, using standard super market milk yielded great results as well. Now what to do with all of that yogurt?!

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  1. McKayla says:

    what to do with that yogurt? make homemade granola to put in it!

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