How to Decorate an Owl Cake

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Good friends deserve good cakes and my freshly frosted layer cake was the perfect canvas for a creative creation. I don’t decorate cakes very often, but after seeing a picture of an owl cake I was just looking for a reason to give it a try.

A friend’s birthday was the perfect excuse to have a go at this owl cake creation. Below are the step by step instructions for this fun cake.

What you’ll need:

Slivered almonds

Brown sugar or cinnamon and sugar mix

2 raisins

3 pecans

1 round cake frosted

The process:

Once your cake is frosted, do not put it in the refrigerator to set for 30 minutes. Complete the decorating before refrigerating. You will use the top portion only to create this owl decorated cake.

Begin by deciding which part will be the top and the bottom. I had a small bumpy patch on one side so I made sure that portion would be under a wing. Once you have decided which way is up, place two whole almonds at the bottom as feet.

Next place the slivered almonds around the rim of the cake. Do this by beginning on the outer side of one foot and going around to the outer rim of the other foot. Do not place almonds between the pecan feet. After you have gone around the rim once, place almonds around for a second rim, lightly pressing each in place as you lay it down.

After you have two layers of slivered almonds around the rim, it is time to create the wings. I made the wings by making one layer at a time. Starting on one side first, place one almond down where the wing would begin at the top. Then, place one almond on the other side to be sure the wings would be proportionate. Next, working on one side only, layer one row of almonds at a time until you have your desired shape. It is helpful to lightly dig the top portion of the almond into the frosting and lightly tap down into place. Once you have completed one side, repeat the same process on the second side.

To create the nose, trim a pecan down using a sharp knife. I trimmed my pecan into a triangular shape and placed it above and between the two wings.

To create the eyes, place cinnamon and sugar in a small bowl with a tiny spoon. Next, place the smallest biscuit cutter in the place of the first eye. Using my small spoon, lightly sprinkle cinnamon and sugar mix into the cutter. Once the area is covered, remove the cutter and lightly pressed down the sugar mix. To remove the excess, I gently blew it off. Yes, this did result in a cinnamon and sugar sprinkling all over my counter top, but the counter was easier to clean than a messy cake. Repeat this process on the other side for the second eye. To finish the eyes, press one raisin into the center of each sugared eye socket.

Lastly, place your cake in the refrigerator to set for at least 30 minutes. I allowed my cake to remain in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

Results: This cake was so fun to make. It looks like it may take too long, but laying the almonds goes quickly and is worth the time. The owl cake turned out great!

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