Upcycled Rake Jewelry Hanger

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Today is another turning point in our lives. I have successfully completed my own upcycle project! (I know, that was over dramatized.)

As I have written before, I feel upcycling is an influential part of living sustainably. With upcycling comes a certain amount of creativity, which I can have at times, but usually don’t. So I turn to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. Yesterday, while browsing through my dream projects, I noticed I had previously pinned something I both needed and had the materials for- a jewelry rack made from an old rake head. Excited about this discovery, I ran outside in my pajamas, found what I needed and got started.

What you’ll need:

Old rake head

2 cable nails

1 long nail

Jewelry to hang

The process:

Begin by locating your hardware and check to see if your cable nails are large enough to fit around the arms of the rake.

Next, find a location you would like to hang your rake head. I hung mine in the bathroom where I would be most likely to see and use the things hanging.

Measure the distance between the planned placement of the two nails and, using pencil, draw dots to indicate where each nail will go. Use this opportunity to be sure your rake will be level. Quite honestly, I just eye-balled-it. My rake was twisted and bent, and from where we will be standing, it looks good.

Nail in both cable nails in their appropriate place. Only put in slightly, do not hammer the nails in all the way. You want to have enough room to slide the rake in. Slide the rake into position and hammer each nail in completely.

Lastly, secure the long nail at the top to balance and secure the rake. Hang your jewelry and enjoy.

Results: This project was perfect. Having moved onto a large piece of property, we have found several broken and unused items that could be trash worthy. This broken rake head was one of those items, which has now been repurposed into something that will be used every day!

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2 Responses to Upcycled Rake Jewelry Hanger

  1. Kassie. McManus says:

    It looks much nicer than I expected! That would also be a good mud room hanger for mittens, scarf, etc.

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