Welcome Back

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I am glad to see everyone is making their way back despite our move and continuing changes. If you were a subscriber of the site before and would like to continue receiving email updates, please resubscribe using the email subscription box to the right.

Although I have had a break from writing over the last week, I have been thinking about the Homespun Journal constantly. I took the time to consider the sites content and the direction I would like to see it go. I have always spent a great deal of time sharing and discussing the things that are happening in our kichen, which is one of my favorite places to learn and experiment. However, focusing on cooking was never the intended purpose of this blog; although, it will always be a piece of it.

We are working to become more self-sufficient and that is the direction this blog will take. Of course, this will include adventures in the kitchen, but it will also incorporate many other aspects of our lives. We would like to share them all.

I understand becoming self-sufficient isn’t a dream of most, so this won’t be the pushing theme. But rather, the projects that make up the adventures of our journey will guide the content of this site. This blog is intended to be a collection of how-to’s ranging from the kitchen to the [someday] barn. You will be able to find weekend projects, new ideas, and maybe even a little motivation to try something new.

So, Welcome Back! Over the last week I have been busy. Besides transforming the site, I have found a new book I plan to review on The Homespun Journal, completed our first piece of furniture, and successfully cracked the handle of our rolling pin in half while making croissants.

We are just shy of Spring and The Homespun Journal is full of new adventures and new beginnings. We can’t wait to share them all with you!


*As a side note, I am still configuring a few minor things, such as the pictures. This will not affect the overall layout, accessibility, or location. It will only make things easier to read. Unfortunately, learning to do this will be a slower process than learning to move the site.

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5 Responses to Welcome Back

  1. Jordan says:

    What book will you be reviewing?

  2. Chris says:

    You’re welcome. This wonderful book came to my attention because of Adler’s connection to Alice Walters and Chez Panisse. Ask Peter to tell you the story of our luch there.

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