DIY Harry Potter Pillows

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I have a project I haven’t shared with you. I haven’t been trying to keep it a secret or bury it in the homespun vaults; I just didn’t quite know how to share the details. I got the idea for this off of Pinterest.

You see, I saw the picture, clicked on it, and continued to be led to a series of Pinterest pins. But I live with a serious Harry Potter fan and needed to find a way to those pillows. Deciding they looked rather geometric, I thought they would be a reasonable first sewing project. Thankfully, my sister was willing to help with the planning (thanks Kelly!) and they were relatively easy to put together.

Materials and plans.

And how neat are these [and easy]! This is literally the first thing I had ever sewn. I found it really helpful to cut all my patterns from paper grocery bags. They were forgiving and made it easy for me to make adjustments accordingly.

Home is where the heart is and if someone in the house has a little love for Harry Potter be sure it shows!

***UPDATE: I have found the original source. So, it turns out that those endless links to other pin boards should have led to an Etsy store (which is why it is always so important to pin at the source!). I can’t in good conscious share any plans from someone’s Etsy materials so I have removed the pattern altogether. Sorry friends!  

I still consider these to be the most wonderful sewing project to date (but this may have more to do with the fact that they are the first thing I have ever sewn).


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2 Responses to DIY Harry Potter Pillows

  1. Maria says:

    Where did you find the red and yellow fabric for the scarves? I hope you don’t mind revealing the source. I would like to try to make a version of these pillows or my children who are Potter fans. Thank you.

    • brookeO says:

      I actually made the scarves. It turned out to be a rather quick process. I cut the yellow and red fabrics into rectangles. I sewed them together so the seems would be in back and ironed them flat before assembling. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.

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