Garlic Roasted Artichoke Hearts

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It is March, which means artichoke season has begun! I love these little guys. I don’t know if my love comes from the fact that I can use my fingers to eat the whole thing or if I love that I frequently dip the tender ends of those rough leaves into butter. Why I love them isn’t nearly as important as the fact that I do and they have arrived at my new market and until last night, were sitting in my pantry.

As I explained before, I normally dip these little guys in too much butter. But it’s March, and my husband and I (more like I am dragging my enthusiastically supportive husband along with me) have gone all out Meatless March and are working hard to keep all of our meals packed with whole food goodness. This is because when we moved to our new location we thought we would start eating healthier since we would have to make everything at home, but it turns out, I can cook junk food better than I can healthier varieties (large portions of butter go a long way!). But now it is artichoke season, there was a quartet of them resting in my pantry, and I don’t want to dip them in butter.

In the past, I would boil my chokes in seasoned water. They would still come out a bit bland and they needed their butter. I decided to try out two new ways of preparing these little guys and what I discovered was my new favorite way of preparing artichokes. I served them with some homemade mayo, which I know isn’t exactly healthy, but it was sooo good. Unfortunately, the chokes didn’t really need the mayo because they were tasty enough to stand alone!

As I was reading a bit about artichokes yesterday, I learned they are also used to make tea and liquor. Has anyone tried either? I’m curious now…

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