Becoming More Self-sufficient: A Challenge

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We no longer live in isolated sectors of the world. Internet, radio, tv, and countless other modalities of media keep us constantly connected to everything. And everyday we are greatly influenced by the world around us: the words we hear, the images we see, and the emotions we feel. When my world is busy my mind is busy and I can’t focus. I use simple, self-sufficient living as a tool for regulating the busy world that surrounds me. It has come to encompass so many lifestyle movements that the topic itself can be too much.

When we first began to shift the way we live, I found it difficult to locate resources that applied to us. Many times I would find information for a country dweller or I would find something that applied to a high-rise apartment resident, but we were none of these. Starting this week, The Homespun Journal will begin a three week series of how to life a more self-sufficient lifestyle. This series is intended for anyone, anywhere, looking for ways to become more self-sustaining regardless of where they live.

We don’t all strive to become homesteaders or irradicate all home waste produciton, but most of us are looking for ways to simplify and improve our lives. You will not learn to live more sufficiently overnight from me or anyone else in the blogosphere. It is an attitude and a practiced way of life. Living more self-sustainably isn’t something reserved for country living. There is something each of us can do to simplify our lives, make our days easier, and be less dependent.

This series isn’t intended to push you towards making twenty-one changes to your life over the course of three weeks, but rather, give you ideas to make a few changes that may make your days more enjoyable. I am not a life coach or self-sufficiency living expert; I share these challenges from my experiences. This is what has worked for us, and these are the things we continue to do. Enjoy!


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