Self-sufficiency Challenge: Day 3

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Day 3: Explore the Closets

Week one is all about getting to know the things in our homes. Our goal for the week is to learn exactly what we own and give it a home so it is most likely to be used. Utilizing pre-existing resources plays a major role in becoming more self-sufficient.

Closets we don’t use daily seem to absorb a great deal of our extra consumption. I know in my house, the closets are briefly opened a few times a week, which makes them the perfect home for things I don’t want to see. Today’s objective is to learn what is in our hall closets, organize, and declutter.

Just as in the previous situations,

  1. Place a donation box somewhere nearby.
  2. Remove everything from the closet spreading it out so you can see it all as each item is removed.
  3. Group the items: place similar items together such as coats, winter gear, electronics, etc.
  4. Declutter the groups- Go through each group individually and seriously consider each item in it. Don’t forget to go through each storage box you may have.
  5. Return everything to the closet in an organized manner.
  6. Repeat this process with the next closet or congratulate yourself for a job well done.

What were you able to find during your closet exploration?

We have two closets we use for storage. One is devoted to outdoor gear and the other is devoted to work related supplies. I recently left a teaching position for our most recent move. Because of this, our office closet is filled with materials. I am currently in the process of going 100% digital. Here are some suggestions if that is something that might work for you.

We also have a small amount of storage in our TV stand. I use this to store items I no longer want, but might use for a future upcycling project. Giving myself a small space for this type of storage allows me the perfect amount of room to collect a few things without holding on to large amounts of junk.

Tomorrow we will be moving on to the bedroom closet. If you don’t want to miss any of the challenge updates be sure to subscribe via email or RSS in the upper right hand column. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
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