Self-sufficient Living Challenge: Day 5

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Day 5: Explore the Living Room

We are in the first week of our self-sufficient living challenge. Week one is all about exploring and organizing what we own. By doing this, we are best able to utilize our pre-existing resources.

Our goal today will be to explore and organize our living room. Living rooms typically don’t have too many hiding places for clutter, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In our house, the biggest trouble maker is cards. Each time I organize the living room I find several new decks that we managed to pick up along the way.

For others, I know magazines and newspapers can quickly take over. If you are a crafter, keep in mind that some things might be perfect for an upcycling project, but many more items will be better suited for donation or recycling.

Some general guidelines for the living room: Approach each table, storage chest, and basket separately. Go through the following steps each time you are organizing a new location with items.

  1. Remove everything and lay it all out.
  2. Recycle or donate any items that don’t need to be kept (magazines, movies, games, etc.).
  3. Consider whether any items have a more appropriate home where they are more likely to be used. For example, if you have saved a magazine for the recipes, would it be used more often if it was stored with your cookbooks?
  4. Return the items to their place, being sure everything is functionally organized.
  5. Continue on to the next storage space in the living room.

What were you able to find as you organized your living room? I found an extra deck of cards and a few extra seed magazines that I no longer need.

Tomorrow we will be moving on to our kitchen. If you don’t want to miss any of the challenge updates be sure to subscribe via email or RSS in the upper right hand column. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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2 Responses to Self-sufficient Living Challenge: Day 5

  1. Good tips for organizing. I’m always organizing things in my house – it’s a stress-busting activity for me. I guess I’m lucky to live with four not-so-neat people – I’m never without something to do…

    Peace. 😉

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