Self-sufficient Living Challenge: Day 7

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Over the past week we have been exploring and organizing our home. The purpose has been to organize our resources so we are most likely to use them. Today will be our last day of exploring and organizing and in the coming week we will move on to build the foundational practices of a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Over the past week, I have chosen an area of the house to conquer each day. But since we each life different lives and have our own problem areas, I thought the last day of exploring and organizing would be best spent on an area of choice. Today’s goal is to explore and organize one are of choice in your home.

For me, I struggle to keep my craft supplies organized. Above is how I have chosen to organize them on a temporary cart until we have all of our furniture built. For others it might be:

The list could go on. We each have an area we want to know better. Where did you choose to explore? I have provided links attached to each item above to help you in finding some organizational ideas. We will follow the same steps as we have throughout the week:

  1. Set a donation box to the side.
  2. Remove everything.
  3. Organize each item, grouping each with like-items.
  4. Return materials to their location in a manner that makes them likely to be used.

There is no space too small for this task. We are trying to make our lives easier, so if it is a small, frequently used space, it will matter! Remember the purpose of this exercise is to learn what you have and organize so the materials will get used.

Tomorrow we will begin week two of our Self-sufficient Living Challenge. Over the course of the next week we will build the foundations of a more self-sufficient lifestyle. If you don’t want to miss any of the updates, follow us via RSS or email in the upper right hand column. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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