DIY: Plant Some Herbs {Sustainable Living Challenge}

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It’s the last week of our sustainable living challenge. Our goal this week is to Do-It-Yourself. By doing it ourselves, we can be less reliant on outside services for products and services.

Today’s challenge is to start a garden. Whether it is a sill garden or an outdoor garden, there are many great reasons and resources to get started!

I understand everyone doesn’t have…or want to have a green thumb. Which is why I encourage you to find the garden style that suits you. A garden can be as simple as an herb on the sill or as much as a complex web of raised beds throughout the yard.

But why start a garden:

  1. You will have fresh herbs for your kitchen.
  2. You will have fresh produce through the summer…and maybe canned and frozen goods into winter (depending on the size of your garden).
  3. You can have the satisfaction of knowing your food came from your hands and wasn’t shipped between three different countries to get to your table!

So how do you get started? As I’ve explained before, I have proven to be a terrible gardener in years past, which is why I only plan to share some of my favorite gardening resources with you. But if gardening isn’t your thing, start small, see where it goes and then expand.

I currently have cilantro, spinach, chives, and four varieties of tomatoes on my sills. Since I’ve been so unbelievable unsuccessful in the past I plan to keep some of these indoors and some outdoors to see where I get my best results. And I am so excited to see what grows this year! What are some of your garden successes and failures?

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3 Responses to DIY: Plant Some Herbs {Sustainable Living Challenge}

  1. Jordan says:

    this is my goal for tomorrow!! i’m gonna start an herb garden in some pots in mum and dad’s backyard!! i’m thinking chamomile, lemon balm, and thyme for sure so that i can try making my own tea.. do you have any idea how to make black tea? is it the same, just with different plants??

    • brookeO says:

      Very nice! I think black tea (along with white and green) comes from leaves off of a tea bush (not sure what it is called). Each of those teas use a different age of leaf from the bush. You might have best luck talking with someone at a garden center. Gardening is not my strength.

      • Jordan says:

        rokay! i’ll look into it. also, mum made your salted chocolate cookies. i’m addicted. i can’t stop eating them!!!

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