DIY: Bake Bread {Sustainable Living Challenge}

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Today is the last day of our sustainable living challenge. It has been three weeks of exploring, learning, and doing it yourself. For today’s challenge, I have saved my favorite for last.

The goal for today is to bake your own bread. In my mind, nothing is better than the way the aroma of baking bread fills the house or the way slicing into a warm loaf of bread tastes. So I challenge you…bake your own bread!

I do understand that for many, bread baking doesn’t even enter the realm of interesting, but the satisfaction of bread baking is worth the effort. In the past, I have shared several favorites here and here. I’m also a fan of this Rustic Bread Recipe. If you’re just starting out, I encourage you to try any of these, as they are all easy to master.

Thank you to everyone for checking out the sustainable living challenge over the past several weeks…and a big welcome to all of our new followers. It’s so great to see new faces! In the coming days, you can look forward to some of my favorite kitchen, building, and garden adventures from the past weeks.

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