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Lately, I have been wanting to share some of my favorite Pinterest finds from March. I spend a lot of time playing in the kitchen and what better place to draw inspiration than picture browsing on Pinterest! So today, I share with you 5 of my favorite March recipes.

*All pictures belong to the original site. I am not responsible for any of the photography or recipes on today’s post.

1. Lime Pudding @TylerFlorence- I made this on a whim one warm night. And it was AMAZING (that’s an understatement)! I will warn, we got lazy and didn’t turn the pudding out onto a plate, but don’t skip this step; it’s important to the texture and moisture throughout.


2. Hummus, Avocado, Tomato Stacks @EatLiveRun- I expected these to be tasty. But they were delicious. They have since inspired my daily lunch of toast hummus and fresh produce. I used the slightly spicy hummus recipe from here.

3. Rustic Bread @Mel’s Kitchen Café- I love making bread so naturally I can’t help but try every recipe I find. Lately I’ve been pretty set on using a recipe from An Everlasting Meal, but that requires advanced planning…which I’ve never been good at. Mel’s recipe is a close second with a great texture and thick crust. And, the entire recipe is complete in under 3 hours!

4. Vegetarian Juicy Lucy @(Never Home)Maker- I’m not a Minneapolis native, but my husband knew exactly what I was talking about when I brought up a vegetarian Juicy Lucy. They were great with Garlic Frites and a little Gopher hockey.

5. Pizza Crust @Bon Appetit- I must admit, we did not make the entire pizza as outlined in the recipe. We only used their crust recipe… which was awesome! It comes out with a crispy crust that fits well with any topping combination. We did learn that these pizzas are difficult to make ahead. If you are making two pizzas, it is difficult to remove the second from the pizza peal no matter how well floured the board is. Our recommendation, make each pizza just before putting it in the oven.

Tomato and Stracciatella Pizzas


These are just 5 of my favorites. We are constantly trying out new finds… but you’ll have to wait until next month to see more favorites. If you’d like a sneak peak, feel free to follow me on Pinterest by following this link or clicking the button in the upper right-hand corner.

Happy Pin Browsing!

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