Spring Cleaning

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It’s Spring and many people are gearing up for Spring Cleaning. Since we’ve just moved and I’ve gone through our belongings several times in the past couple of months, this annual activity just isn’t necessary right now.

But it got me to thinking, our house is far from perfect, what could use a serious spring overhaul?

Enter the Hobby Room. Given our last minute moving situation, we ended up renting a house far larger than we needed, a 3 bedroom house to be exact. We decided to turn one of those rooms into a Hobby Room for evening computer gaming and daytime crafting.  As we unpacked, things that naturally belonged in the room were piled in and remained stacked since we didn’t have any furniture for the room.

But the day finally came when we built ourselves a desk, and then, one weekend, I was left alone, I couldn’t help but to give the room a makeover. I removed EVERYTHING, closet included. I reorganized, rearranged, donated, and de-cluttered to make the room fully functional. Check out these before and after shots!


And this donation pile!

And to make matters even more exciting, I started sewing and crafting again. I had begun to think all my craft supplies were a waste because I never used them. But as it turns out, their lack of accessibility was interfering with their use!

And to make all of this organization even better… There is almost nothing we own that isn’t regularly used. The only exceptions:

This small Christmas decoration box.

This large box filled with teaching resources. (which is about a ¼ of what I owned and I’m working on it)

Why am I sharing this? It is so important to make your home [and pre-existing resources] accessible and functional! Minimizing what you own doesn’t need to mean removing everything from your life. It can simply be a process of removing everything unnecessary. We’ve managed to keep plenty of hobby supplies without interrupting life’s pleasures. And, now that we have everything organized and functional, it gets used! What areas in your house need a functionality makeover?


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  1. Jordan says:

    i like your labels. “unused keyboard” and “nonfunctional desk” were my favorite

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