Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day!

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Today is Earth Day!

I love celebrating Earth Day. Today there will be fun festivals in cities around the country filled with live music and tons of booths suggesting ways to make a difference. It’s always so great to be surrounded by that many like-minded people.

But the truth is, there are plenty of changes we can make to celebrate Earth Day every day! And just in case you can’t think of any, here is a list 22 easy ways to celebrate Mother Earth Day every day!

  1. Hang dry your laundry.
  2. Eat one [or more] meatless dinners a week.
  3. Avoid bottled water.
  4. Recycle and make it easy. Place recycling bins next to trash cans and make it convenient!
  5. Compost.
  6. Waste no food. Use trimmings for broth, leftovers in soup, or stale bread for croutons.
  7. Upcycle.
  8. Make your own cleaning products. (Look here for how.)
  9. Buy foods and products in recyclable packaging.
  10. Make your own soap. (Look here for how.)
  11. Shop your local farmer’s market.
  12. Bring your own bags to the store.
  13. Carpool or use public transit.
  14. Plan your errands/shopping trips to use less gas.
  15. Ride your bike.
  16. Buy local.
  17. Donate unused belongings rather than dumping them in the trash.
  18. Turn your water heater down.
  19. Only wash full loads of laundry.
  20. Support companies that value reducing their carbon footprint.
  21. Set your heat lower and your air conditioning higher.
  22. Contact senders of junk mail and ask them to stop. (Read these 3 easy steps.)


And because I think this one is so important, I have a bonus suggestion:

*Bonus* Volunteer! There are so many amazing nonprofits that work hard to make a difference year round. Give them a hand and get to see the greatest parts of your community!

This is only a list of 23 greener practices. And while the list could go on, I’m asking you to remember that there are things we can do every day to make a difference. Whether you do it because you want a simpler life, a greener Earth, or you just want to save money, keep in mind that every little bit goes a long way! What are some favorite green practices in your life?



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