Meatless Mondays Series

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Yesterday, on this list of ways to celebrate Earth Day year round, I suggested having one meatless meal a week to reduce your carbon footprint. We’ve been doing this for over a year now, but I’ve never taken the time to share much about it.

We began doing eating less meat for a number of reasons:

  • we wanted a more sustainable, local diet
  • purchasing sustainable meat is more expensive
  • centering meals around vegetables would encourage us to have a healthier, more rounded diet
  • we were hoping to save a little money on groceries if we were buying less meat

Reducing our carbon footprint was not one of the reasons to eat less meat…but we consider it an added bonus!

After sharing this and talking with a few people, I was inspired to start a Meatless Mondays Series to support everyone who wants to try a few more meatless meals a week. Every Monday, I will be posting one of our favorite dinners from the past week.

I will begin with a few of our staples, but it would help me to know some of your favorite dinners, whether inspired by meat or veggies. For us, the grill is a summer must! But getting creative took some planning at first. I’d like to include your favorite flavors in these meatless inspirations as well, so tell me, what are your favorite dinners?

Check in next Monday for our first recipe of the series!



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