3 Easy Steps to Stop Junk Mail

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We have been working to live a more simplified, self-sufficient lifestyle for the past year. One of the easiest ways to simplify what comes into our home is to stop the junk mail!

We moved three months ago and I really thought the move alone had done the trick. I was wrong. Last week, catalogs and ad flyers began to flood our tiny mailbox all over again.

How do you get rid of junk mail? Here are three easy steps to eliminate the junk mail from your mailbox:

  1. Collect all your unwanted junk mail in one place. Save it until you have time to deal with it. Don’t throw anything away; you want to be sure you are removed from everyone’s mailing lists.
  2. On a day you have time, call the customer number on the back of each catalog, pamphlet, or flyer.
  3. Tell them you would like to be removed from their mailing lists. My conversations went something like this:

“Hi, I received your catalog and I would like to be removed from all of your mailing lists.” Many companies then asked for the customer number listed near the address label and said I had been removed.

I found some companies didn’t make it easy to contact them by phone, especially when they were sending small pamphlets rather than full catalogs. If this was the case, I looked up their phone ordering number online. For all the times I was having difficulty getting through to a person, I always hung up, recalled, and selected the phone orders option. Companies were much easier to get a hold of when they thought I wanted to make a purchase.

I had about 10 pieces of junk mail when I made my phone calls and it only took me about 15 minutes to call them all. Make your purpose for calling clear from the beginning and the call will be quick. Companies don’t want to be on the phone with customers who aren’t buying something!

Do you have problems with junk mail? We receive an excessive amount of catalogs…from companies we’ve never even ordered from. All of those catalogs add up, and without trash or recycling removal, it is unnecessary waste and clutter in our home.



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