5 Pinterest Favorites for the Urban Farmer

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Every month I will be highlighting 5 Favorite Pinterest Pins. In April, I chose these favorites. This month, I am choosing 5 Pinterest Favorites for the Urban Farmer in honor of our week long stay in Denver.

Not everyone is reading from the same place. Some of us are in the beautiful country side while others of us spend our days in the city. What brings us together are our interests: our want for less, to learn more, to do more ourselves.

So while we’re visiting Denver, I thought what a great time to highlight all the beauty that can be found in the urban homestead!

Although these favorites are said to be for the Urban Farmer, these are great finds for aspiring urban and rural farmers alike. Enjoy!

**None of the photography in today’s post is original. All photographs are the work of the original author, not The Homespun Journal.


Square Foot Gardening: Whether you’re building one 4×4 bed or expanding it to multiple 4×16 beds, square foot gardening makes the most of the space you have. This pin breaks the process down into 10 easy steps!

2563192140 d7a05548b8DIY Citrus Cleanser: This powerful household cleaner could easily replace toxic chemicals in your home. It’s easy to make and has a strong cleaning power.
Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has a long list of uses. This recipe lets you use scraps to make your own.
Homemade American Cheese: Cheese making is a fun homesteading skill. You might think you don’t have the resources to make fresh homemade cheeses, but that isn’t true. Pinterest is filled with easy homemade cheese recipes. This one is a great one to start with.
Homemade American Cheese
Tater Totes: These portable potato grow bags are perfect for any gardener. The post even has a how to video!
Potato bags!  We were planning potato towers, perhaps potato bags would work better.


Do you have any Pinterest favorites you’d like to share?

I’d love to hear what you’re finding. I already know that if my garden survives the harsh desert summer, I will owe Pinterest a little bit of credit. To see more of my finds, follow me on Pinterest.


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