Fertilizing Container Gardens

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This post is getting out a bit late, but last week we returned from Denver…and my lettuce looked like this!

I’m pretty pleased with this considering how long we were away. Many of my other plants weren’t looking as lively.

I was initially thinking they were just water deprived, but I’m coming to believe they may need a bit more nutrients.

So I am turning to you, my readers, in the hopes that you are better in the garden than I. What should I use to fertilize? I’ve been mixing some old cow manure from the fields (we have many free rangers out here) with organic potting soil. This worked wonders for one of my tomato plants.

Since all the plants didn’t respond so enthusiastically, I’m beginning to consider a more balanced store bought organic variety. Any suggestions? I have lettuce, spinach, herbs, tomatoes, and peppers, and they are all growing in containers.

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2 Responses to Fertilizing Container Gardens

  1. Ginger says:

    I use chicken poo brew, to fertilize my garden. And you mentioned cow poo, so whip up some cow poo brew. You take the poo and dump it into a 5 gallon bucket then fill with water (aprox. 1/4 the bucket with poo ,the rest water) Let the brew steep for a good week before use. When ready to use I fill my store bought sprayer that attaches to the hose .. (the type of sprayer miracle grow goes in sometimes) .I attach to my hose and water as usual . If you don’t have one of those sprayers just add one tablespoon of poo brew to a gallon of water..then water your plants as needed. I only apply the poo brew when my veggies are looking like they need a good boost.
    There are are also many great store bought organic fertilizers. I haven’t tried any since I do only use the poo brew. Good luck!
    Ginger :)

    • brookeO says:

      Thanks Ginger. I’ve been doing a poo brew of sorts, but I don’t let it steep for a week. I’ll try that next time. I’ve also been looking into a few fertilizers. Unfortunately, I can’t find any stores in town that sell organic fertilizer. I’m planning to give my plants another week before making any decisions on store bought varieties, so we’ll see. -Brooke

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