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The Homespun Journal is the journal of our journey toward a more self-sustaining lifestyle. Part of that journey is getting our financials situated so we have the freedom to pursue this dream.

Trent Hamm’s book, Everything You Need to Know About Personal Finance on Just One Page, is all about just that, creating financial freedom… but more about that in a minute.

*This book is a free ebook available on Trent’s blog, The Simple Dollar. If you’re interested in reading the book you can just follow this link and download it in PDF format.

The title pretty much says it all, the message of the book can be clearly communicated on one page, but the next 48 pages are important too. Throughout this short book, Trent goes through the what, why, and how of personal finance suggesting practical methods you can use.

What do we need to know about personal finance? Trent reminds us the end goal isn’t fortune, but financial freedom. Freedom to choose our career, choose our lifestyle, and pursue the things we enjoy.

Why do we need to be in tune with our personal finances? Personal finances are closely connected with our daily life. We work our job to pay our bills. If our bills require more income, our job choices are limited to the ones that can cover all the bills.

How do we gain control of our finances and reach financial freedom? Simple. Spend less than you earn. This is where Trent goes into some detail explaining how to prioritize debts, make more frugal lifestyle choices, and 100 ways to maximize every penny you spend.

This book is straight forward and practical, which is why I enjoyed it. It’s a free informative ebook that is intended to benefit anyone looking to pursue more financial freedom, which makes it the perfect book to share!


Do you have any favorite personal finance tools?

Since I love reading blogs, my favorites are The Simple Dollar and Man vs. Debt. They’re great because each is founded in real life experiences, experiences that could happen to anyone and experiences that can be related to an array of situations. Check them out!


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