Garden Update

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It’s the start of Memorial Day weekend.

Friends are visiting.

The sun is shining.

And quite frankly, I’m not very motivated to spend much time in front of the computer, making today the perfect day for a  photo update in the garden!

In the past, I’ve called for help with planning and I’ve called for help with soil nutrients.

To which, all of you have been extremely helpful!

After several garden plan adjustments, a little nutrition education, and the wonderful suggestions from all of you, I have some promising views.

We’re seeing potatoes sprouting up, tomatoes thriving, herbs growing in bounty, and have great plans for the next steps in improvements and planting.

What exciting things are popping up in your garden?

Thank you to everyone for your help with our garden. I’ll be sharing all of the fantastic details (like the mismatched collection of planters and tubs housing this year’s garden)  in a coming post, but for now, enjoy the little things with me and have a great weekend!


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