A Paddle’s Pace

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Short weeks are supposed to pass quickly and easily, or at least this is what my brain tells me. Because of this, I always get this idea in my head that the days will breeze by, gently carrying me into the next weekend. I’m always wrong.

It’s already Tuesday evening and I’m still scrambling to finish what would have been done Monday night!

I’m okay with this. It’s the price I’m willing to pay for slowing my pace.

This past weekend, we had an opportunity to slow life to a paddle’s pace and experience these beautiful things.

Since we are still struggling to get back on track, today’s post is simply me challenging you to do the same. Simpler living is all about slowing ourselves down. So this week, take some time and slow life down. Appreciate the things surrounding you and enjoy the day!

What will you find?

*The other awesome pictures are courtesy of McKayla Ruby Haack of Wing it Adventures!

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