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What am I looking at you ask?

That would be our kitchen table turned office at 11pm on a Friday night. Yeah, I’m that kind of cool!

A few days ago, I shared that I had an announcement that would cause some changes to The Homespun Journal.

The big secret… Monday, I will be returning to full time work!

I couldn’t be more excited, but in all honesty, I’m a bit overwhelmed by the timing. Between beginning a new job, wedding season getting into full swing, and family coming to visit there is much to do.

Why am I sharing all of this you wonder?

Well, I need to cut back on The Homespun Journal for a short bit. Over the next week or two, as I get adjusted [and squeeze in some much needed family time], there won’t be many updates. Once we get back into a routine, you will find more consistent posts.

And don’t worry, a change in careers doesn’t mean a change in focus! You can still expect to read all about our mead exprimentations, chili cook off, home cleaning product updates, the farmer’s market booth we’re hoping to get up and running, and other desert ranch happenings as the summer progresses.

Thank you to everyone for being such wonderful supporters. Blogging and building this community has been a truly fantastic journey that I look forward to continuing and growing in the future. Have a great start to summer and I will have much to share with all of you soon. Cheers!


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