Sprouting Potatoes

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Earlier in the summer, I began a potato experiment with two sprouting spuds in my pantry.

I decided rather than sending them straight to compost that I would give them a shot in soil to see what happens.

I knew from the start that I most likely wouldn’t have a bountiful harvest since most supermarket products are treated to prevent future growth.

This turned out to be true. I ended up with these petite cuties.

Clearly, these won’t be quite what I need for my next big potato dish; however, a valuable lesson has come from this experiment- Potatoes are easy to grow!

Using a simple process of layering rich soil and browned yard clippings, I was able to yield this miniature harvest. Think of what could come from a quality seed.

Next year, I plan to order potato seeds for the garden.

So how do you know when those sprouting spuds have to go?

Potatoes begin to sprout when the starches are converted into sugar.

It is safe to eat sprouting potatoes, but eventually the growing spuds will affect flavor.

Potatoes that are still firm can be used without sacrificing flavor. Firm potatoes have just begun the transformation process and don’t have a significant sugar content to affect flavor.

Potatoes that are soft have already broken down a significant portion of starch into sugar. Softened potatoes should be composted or recycled, as their broken down starches may affect the flavor of your dish.

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