Garden Apron Tutorial

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Back when I shared this fantastic Warm Cider Recipe, I mentioned that I had been working on some fantastic Secret Santa gifts. And although the holiday season has come and gone, I wanted to share this fabulous garden apron.

Now that I see February in the not so distant future, I’m gearing up to do some serious garden planning. Working on this apron was just a little something to put me in more of a spring-building-and-playing-in-the-dirt kind of the mood.

I love this project because it is so easy. If you keep it simple, it’s a no sew kind of project. If you want to get fun and creative with it, you can do some light sewing. Making this from start to finish took me a total of about 30 minutes.

So to my dear Secret Santa Pal, Jayme, and to all the rest of you, enjoy and happy garden planning!

Begin with a pair of men’s pants or shorts. I used an old pair of my husbands shorts.

Cut 1: Cut up along the side seams, keeping your cut edge in the front of the pant and as close to the seam as possible.

Cut 2: Cut across the waist, just below the seam, in the front of the pant only. You’re left with the back of the pants and the full waist band.

Cut 3: Cut across the back, just above the crotch, to make a solid sheet of fabric for your apron. Mine was approximately 6-7 inches.

Remove the button. Add a row of buttons across the side of the waist band that you removed the original button from. I added four buttons across. Remember, although this waist band is larger than your normal size, it will be going over the pants you wear when you garden, so you need extra space.

To jazz it up a bit, add a patch, fun buttons, embroidery, colorful end stitching, etc. I added a patch and some end stitching along the bottom to match the patch.

The end result is a fun apron for all the days in the sun you have been dreaming of this winter. I added some heirloom tomato seeds for my secret pal and a silly riddle note, just for giggles.

Have any of you started garden dreaming…or better yet, garden planning?

I know I’m not the only one!


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2 Responses to Garden Apron Tutorial

  1. Jordan says:

    I have officially started garden dreaming!! Although I don’t have high hopes of it actually happening anytime soon with all this snow around here…

    • brookeO says:

      Bummer about the snow! We’re in the process of getting our beds in, but more on that later:)

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