Bringing Chicks to the Farm

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It has finally started- we have begun to expand the Ranch!

This past weekend I told my husband I was headed out to buy a pooper scooper- I came home with 6 chicks and all the supplies to keep them thriving indoors.

Clearly, I can be a bit impulsive. But in my defense, this was something we had been planning to do for quite some time.

I brought these cute little things home knowing full well I was breaking the rules. We don’t have their coop finished, much less started, and until this weekend, we didn’t even have a solid plan of how they would fit into our garden and farm.

I’ve spent the last weekend reading countless how-to articles on chickens, finding the best food, and getting them used to me and the pups.

When they arrived 4 short days ago, they didn’t have any feathers. Now, they’re all losing their fuzz and trying to flap around. The ladies [or what we are hoping are all ladies] are incredibly skilled at spreading cowboy shavings already. And they love to chirp when we walk in. We’re in trouble!

We have ambitious plans of housing our oversized compost in their oversized pen. And after finishing up some house projects next weekend, we’ll be out in the sun mending their fence and building their coop. It’s all such an exciting adventure!

Do any of you raise chickens? Can you suggest any great advice or resources?

I’ve been reading a great deal from Mother Earth News, the Chicken Chick, and various links I’ve found trough Pinterest. I’m hoping to purchase a book this week to give me a more solid foundation in chicken raising education and would love some suggestions.


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  1. Kassie. McManus says:

    Congratulations on this new beginning.

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