March Madness on the Ranch

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It’s another weekend and things on the ranch are quickly coming together. I’ve begun to think of this time as March Madness on the farm. It’s crunch time to get garden beds, chicken coops, and outdoor entertaining spaces built.

The baby chicks we brought home almost a month ago are growing quickly, and they’re beginning to demonstrate personality traits.

The River Song’s of the group are a pair of white, feathered pullets who always like to know what’s going on. They’ve taken to perching on the side of the crate and greeting the dogs as they run in and out the back door. They don’t mind sniffs and licks from the pups and are quick to alert you when your actions are too fast or loud for the other ladies.

Then we have the Stella’s, they are beautiful with white feathers streaked with black and feet covered in thick feathering. These ladies are social, welcoming to the human hand and love to sleep next to a warm body.

The Edna’s are the shy bunch. They have gorgeous brown feathers and are noticeably smaller than the rest of the crowd. They nest deep in the cowboy shavings and do their best to stay away from the rowdy ladies in the bunch.

It is fun to see their personalities develop as the weeks pass. They keep us on our toes and are a constant reminder of the tasks to complete before Spring is upon us.

Today we’re off to finish our onion pit project before moving the chicken coop into their pen, but more on that another day.

How is Spring shaping up in your outdoor spaces?

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