How to: introduce chicks to their coop

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The last week has been a marathon of house/yard work: My parents made a quick visit to the wild west and we used our time together to complete chores. We whipped through coop repairs (because I was lucky enough to find a FREE pre-built coop), mend the chicken yard fence, finish the compost structure, and paint 3 rooms in the house. No task was left undone.

And, we finished these things at just the right time. You see, the little chickies are not so little any more. In fact, they’re rather big…and restless… and messy. So big, restless, and messy that I think my husband is going to kill them [or me] if they don’t go outside soon! -Not really, but they have definitely crossed from what he considers cute to what he considers a household nuisance.

So being that we’re finally into Spring, and it was a beautiful day outside today- I took the chicks outside.

Since new surrounding can be stressful, it’s my goal to make them comfortable with their new space before they’re permanently moved outside. I’m doing this with the day trip method.

A few days a week, I will be bringing them out to their coop to explore their new space. Today they were only give access to the floor 1 and the chicken yard. But in the coming week, I hope to introduce them to level 2, which houses the nesting boxes and their roost.

The day trip method has also helped identify potential security issues I’d like to address before moving them in permanently. Today, I realized they can walk right through the yard fence openings- oops, more fence work!

It only took the group a few short minutes to start wandering the floor of their coop, but it took quite some time before one brave soul decided to roam the yard.

And it took this lovely lady a little longer to warm up to the idea of yard roaming.

After 5 hours of exploration, I ended the day with 6 happy chicks. They scratched and pecked to their hearts content today. They even managed to find the compost pileJ Let the adventures begin!

For those of you with indoor chicks, how do you introduce your new chicks to their coop?

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  1. Teri Z Halvorsen says:

    Just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed looking through your blog. Even though it was for such a sad reason, it was good to see you and Peter this past weekend. Thinking of Grandma June Bug and sending you our best from Manty WI. Love Love

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