Returning Home

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My family buried my grandmother this past weekend.

She turned 79 in February and she died of ovarian cancer last week after a 3 year fight. My sisters and I referred to her as Grandma June Bug. She had one of those young-at-heart type attitudes- wearing lipstick until the day she could no longer get out of bed.

Going home for this final farewell made me very sad and it’s difficult for me to say anything other than it fills me with sadness to have to say good bye.

But I was fortunate to have had so much time with my grandmother.

Yesterday, I returned home to the ranch. I was welcomed by all my crazy animals jumping at my feet, and I can’t help but to think of how Grandma June Bug would be reacting to all these crazy characters.

She truly would have enjoyed one more family road trip West. She would have loved the endless attention from these cute puppies. And, she would have laughed at these crazy chickens chasing each other around the chicken yard.

And as I sit here 3,000 miles from family, I can’t help but find comfort in the idea that she has found a way to watch all of this- whether through the floor of heaven or the door of the TARDIS- she sees all this madness. And I know she is watching, why else would all these crazy characters be running around making me laugh in the middle of the desert?

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