5 Inspirations for Your Garden

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I had every intention of sharing one of my garden projects with you this week.

This of course was working under the assumption that I actually completed the project over the weekend. I had just assumed I would- I mean, there was plenty of time, the weather was warm, and I already had all of the materials.

Well of course, I neglected to pay attention to the nasty dust storm paired with Sunday’s warm weather forecast. So as you might imagine, I found myself unexpectedly standing in  a storm cloud while in the middles of my own yard- I was caught a bit off guard.

And since I’m from the Midwest, my initial response to strong winds and dark clouds is the thought that a tornado is coming. So naturally I panicked, I started yelling for the dogs, and running like I had the next ticket for a cyclone to oz.

Of course there aren’t tornadoes in the desert. It was just a dust storm. I had overreacted a bit. But it was nasty. So I didn’t finish my project.

And, rather than share a half-finished project, I thought I’d share some of my favorite online garden inspirations. Because these are the things that keep me busy from sun up to sundown every weekend.

Garden fencing– We’ve been looking for something to create paths through our property to connect the backyard, outdoor kitchen, chicken run, and garden. This is a cute option.

Hose storage– Living in the desert, we have more hose than we have space to organize. This branch is a fun re-purposing project.

Landscaping with a purpose– We have some gathering spaces we plan to build as we enter int  the summer months. We’d like to give these spaces a warming atmosphere and a bit of privacy. If we add decor we want it to have a purpose. Lemon grass in containers could be our solution. And as an added bonus we could have fresh lemon grass for cooking, tea, and bug repellent.

Upcycled decor– While we’re on landscaping, what fun is the backyard without a little upcycled garden art? I’ve already hung my old tire, now I’m just waiting for my plants to look as beautiful as these.

Help– Plenty of times on The Homespun Journal, I have shared how my green thumb has not always been so green. The info-graphics and advice available online have helped me profusely, and I expect they will continue to as the season moves forward.

What are your favorite pieces of garden inspiration? Pinterest has given me a lot to work towards. But we’re getting there, one project at a time.


**All photos and graphics in this post are the work of the original author, not The Homespun Journal. Follow the links to see their original work.

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