Monthly Menus: June

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Before the start of May, I found myself shocked at the amount of money we were spending on groceries each month.  I shared my discovery here.

At the end of April we set our budget, planned our meals, and managed to spend less than $450 on our monthly grocery bill. A few changes to the way we eat and shop made this possible. The important changes:

  1. In an effort to align our lifestyle more closely to our goal of self-sufficiency, I stopped purchasing meat and eggs. We expect to be getting these things from our chickens soon, but for now we’re meat and egg free, which cuts the bill considerably.
  2. We still eat primarily organic food. I shop around and compare prices to keep costs down. I also don’t stick exclusively to organics. If it’s not on the dirty dozen list and is significantly cheaper to buy non-organic, I do.
  3. We’re only shopping for 150 monthly meals rather than 180 (2 adults eating 3 meals a day for 30 days) because my husband company starting covering a lot of his meal expenses.
  4. Our grocery bill includes all liquor purchases. With the exception of occasional warehouse bulk buys, our monthly staples (such as wine) are all included.
  5. Our grocery bill doesn’t include pet foods, for many reasons.
  6. We have a large garden which I’m planning to use for salads and other veggies by mid-June.

This month, I chose to make the challenge a bit more difficult by reducing our budget from $450 to $400. Why? Because I’m crazy like that. No, I’m just curious to see how low we can reduce our grocery bill while remaining comfortable. I know the average food stamp benefit for a family of two would probably be $400, so I figured dropping our food budget seemed a realistic challenge.

So here were go. Our mostly organic, unprocessed, on a budget meal plan for June. Enjoy!

1-      Smoothie/ Cheese, Crackers, Hummus, Olives, Fruit/ Portobello Burgers & salad

2-      Smoothie/ Peanut Butter & Jelly, Grapes/ Eat Out


3-      Smoothie/ Spinach & sweet potato salad/ Veggie Burger on salad

4-     Smoothie/ Spinach & sweet potato salad/ Grilled cheese with tomato & spinach

5-      Breakfast smoothie/ Spinach & sweet potato salad/ Stuffed Portobello (leek & spin.)

6-      Oatmeal/ Hummus, veggies, & salad/ Lasagna (freeze half)

7-      Oatmeal/ Hummus, veggies & salad/ Mushroom Tart

8-      Oatmeal/Salad & fruit/ Mediterranean grain salad

9-      Tofu scramble/ leftovers/ Pasta with grilled veggies


10-   Smoothie/ Edamame salad & fruit/ Butternut squash risotto

11-   Smoothie/ Edamame salad & fruit/ Garden Fajitas

12-   Smoothie/ Edamame salad & fruit/ Black bean tacos (extra for freezer enchiladas)

13-   Smoothie/ Edamame salad & fruit/ Mozzarella, tomato, basil salad & pesto dressing

14-   Smoothie/ Edamame salad & fruit/ Pizza & salad

15-   Tofu scramble/ Avocado & Radish toast/ Twice baked sweet potatoes & salad

16-   Pancakes/ Avocado & radish toast/ Bruschetta & salad


17-   Smoothie/ Hummus, crackers, fruit/ Pad thai

18-   Smoothie/ Hummus, crackers, fruit / Leftovers

19-   Smoothie/ Hummus, crackers, fruit / Veggie curry

20-   Smoothie/ Hummus, crackers, fruit / Quesadillas

21-   Smoothie/ Hummus, crackers, fruit / Veggie burgers

22-   Toast & Jam/ Leftover veggie burger/ Pizza & salad

23-   Toast & Jam/ Leftover pizza/ Avocado reuben


24-   Smoothie/ Southwest salad/ Lasagna (freezer)

25-   Smoothie/ Southwest salad / Dinner Out

26-   Smoothie/ Southwest salad / Enchiladas (freezer)

27-   Smoothie/ Southwest salad/ Portobello & zucchini tacos

28-   Smoothie/ Southwest salad/ Mushroom & spinach tart

29-   Tofu Scramble/ Leftover tart/ Mushroom & pepper melts w/ salad

30-   Toast & Jam/ Quesadilla from leftovers/ Tostadas

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