How to Plant by the Moon

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This year, I’ve decided to try a new method of gardening. I’ll be practicing the art of planting by the moon.

What is planting by the moon? It’s the method of planting that takes into account the phases of the moon and assigns all garden tasks to a specific moon phase. It works under the theory that the gravitational patterns and light from the moon affect the growth of a plant. It’s been said to compliment organic gardening as it aids in growth without the use of chemicals.

How do you try it? You need to find a moon calendar first. I like using the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Establish dates for each quarter phase of the moon. For example, June 16-18 is a first quarter moon to full moon phase. It’s an ideal time to plant crops that grow above ground and produce inside seeds.

What are the guidelines for each phase? The guidelines are relatively straight forward. I’m still learning all my moon facts, but there are so many fantastic resources on the web that being successful with little background in moon education is quite possible.

Overall:               New moon to full moon– Sew, transplant, bud, and graft

                              Full moon to new moon– Plow, harvest, and weed.

Phases:               New moon to first quarter– Plant with external seeds; flowering annuals.

                             First quarter to full moon– Plant above ground crops with internal seeds.

                             Full moon to first quarter– Plant root crops, bulbs, and perennials.

Is it successful? I’ve just starting planting by the moon. I’m keeping detailed notes in my garden journal and am careful to note planting dates, sprouting dates, harvest dates, and specific moon cycle information. So far, everything (with the exception of 2 cucumber transplants) is looking beautiful. Compared to year’s past, that could probably be deemed a success.

So what do you think, will you be giving it a try?

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