Catching Up

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Yikes! This has been quite the unexpected hiatus. But we’re up and running again and can expect to see regular Tuesday and Saturday updates once again.

Since we last talked, there have been a lot of changes.

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The garden has finally taken off following a massive hail storm. Those are heirloom pumpkins and tomatoes growing in abundance back there. Can’t wait for the fruit!


Four of the Dixie Chicks are now laying daily. How eggsellent!

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Bird feeders were hung in an effort to deter birds from joining the Dixie Chicks. Unfortunately, feeders don’t detract neighborhood birds from one area; they just invite more friends to come hang out. Consider this a lesson learned quickly.

So tell me, what’s been happening on your homestead?

This is one of the greatest times of the season. Our hard work is beginning to pay off and you can’t help but feel excited about all the great things happening out the back door. I’d love to hear about your successes and lessons from the last two weeks.


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  1. Lia Murphy says:

    Is part 3 of the DIY raised garden bed design series on the way?

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