September Sustainability Checklist

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I have been sharing our grocery menu with you for a while now. While I patiently waited for our internet to be restored over the last month, I took some time to re-evaluate this.

I thought it was important to share because it detailed how we are planning, spending money, and utilizing what we grow, but food is only a small piece of what we do each month to work toward self-sufficiency.

There is much more planning and action that contribute to our sustainability efforts. That’s why I’ve chosen to shift what I share about our monthly planning from menus, to our homestead to-do list.

September is a wonderful month. It is still warm during the day -rather hot in fact- and cool at night. We’ve begun receiving the occasional rainfall and are beginning to think about the fall months to come.

In September, we will focus on preserving and preparation. Here’s our monthly checklist:

  • Tomato Canning– We need tomato paste, whole tomatoes, pizza sauce, and salsa for the winter.
  • Vegetable Preservation– Peas and beans are being blanched and frozen for winter stir-fry recipes.
  • Hunting Station Construction– Rumor has it my husband and his buddies will be constructing quite the cleaning station out back. He better get moving before hunting season!
  • Chicken Coop Construction– The Dixie Chicks are in need of some larger facilities, and they need to be built before the cold winter months. <– A top priority project.
  • House Repairs– It’s time to start fixing seals before the cool weather comes and Mother Nature steals our indoor heat. We’ll be assessing our home for heat leaks and loose parts to get ready for winter.
  • Cleaning the Garden Shed– Gardening season got away from us this year. We had just moved into a new house, made a list of projects that will take another 5 years to complete, and the garden shed has become a rather unusable space. This will get cleaned and prepared for the winter and spring gardening seasons so I don’t need to address it in winter chill or spring winds.
  • Visiting Nursery Sales– Many nurseries are selling remaining plants at a discounted price. I’m shopping for annuals that can survive the winter indoors. I plan to use them in next year’s projects.
  • Planning Winter Projects– Once it gets cold, we will move all of our weekend projects indoors. Since we keep a tight budget, we need to start planning now to provide us enough time to find the items we need at an affordable price.
  • Natural Heating and Cooling– I’ll begin leaving windows open in the evening rather than running our cooler. This should regulate our indoor temperatures and reduce our electricity consumption.
  • Wine Making– My favorite fall activity! I’m looking forward to trying out a spiced beat and potato wine this year!
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