October Sustainability Checklist

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October Sustainability Checklist

One of the most important aspects of sustainability is planning and preparedness. It doesn’t matter that we aren’t off the grid yet, we’re getting comfortable with looking ahead and thinking about what we will need and what could cause us a potential problem in the coming months.

Now that October is upon us, we are thinking more seriously about the winter months. Here’s what we’ll be working on next month:

  • Workshop Construction– Our garage has a connected workshop, which houses the pressure tank for our well. The workshop needs to be insulated and heated to maintain this equipment through winter.
  • Planting Indoor Crops– I love fresh lettuce. The flavor is fantastic and I want to keep that year round. With 5 large South facing windows, there’s no reason to make this a summer delicacy.
  • Food Preservation– I’m now harvesting pumpkin, peppers, corn, and beans. Everything is being preserved to best suit the way we use each item.
  • Green House– The green house (totally inspired by this book) will be going up around these beds. Watch for a tutorial in the coming months.
  • Weeds!- Weeds took over our yard this year. We are working on eliminating them from our most commonly used spaces this Fall to prevent issues next Spring.
  • Preparing Spring Growing Spaces– Now that days have cooled slightly, I’m working on preparations for our new spaces. This includes spaces for our new squash, sunflower, and lavender patch.
  • Christmas– Everyone on our Christmas list can expect homemade goodies this year. It’s time to start planning to ensure everything is finished with enough time to ship!
  • Food Tracking– I’m beginning to track our food consumption. It’s hard to know how much to grow and raise when I’m not certain how much we use. October will be the beginning of this tracking process.

One thing that doesn’t get mentioned each month is budgeting. Finances are a major part of sustainability. You can’t be off the grid when you are living in debt. Becoming debt free and growing a large savings is an important part of what we do. Each month, we reassess our budget and look for ways to trim away unnecessary spending. Keep this in mind as you make your own monthly to-do lists.

What’s on your project list for next month?

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