January: Sustainability Checklist

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Each month I share our homesteading to-do list in the hopes that it will help you prepare for the coming month and season. Our to-do list is filled with our latest projects and repairs that keep us on track with a more simplistic [and skilled] life.

This month, it is still bitterly cold outside, and we are working indoors. We’re focusing on securing meat for the summer through fall, building items for spring, and finishing up some indoor chores so we’re ready for the windy Spring as soon as the snow melts!

January Sustainability Checklist

Here’s what we’ll be working on this January:

  • Preserving meat– We are aggressively working toward food sufficiency this year. That means hunting and preserving as much as possible before the hunting season ends.
  • Reassessing savings– Part of being self-sufficient is being financially sound. When you own your own land, that includes having the money set aside for unexpected repairs. We’re using this advice as a guide. We didn’t do this last year and it almost created some problems for us, so make a plan you are comfortable with and avoid getting caught off guard.
  • Soap making– I love having homemade soap, and I hate making it. I can’t explain it: the process is quick and simple. This year I’m going to triple the batch and hopefully make enough for the year!
  • Building outdoor chairs– Last fall; we installed a great fire pit that sits at the edge of our garden. We hope to get some good use of it after some long days in the garden and we’re building chairs so it’s ready to use as soon as spring rolls around.
  • Sewing curtains– I draped fabric over curtain rods nearly a year ago after painting our living room. It’s time I actually get around to sewing them together.
  • Car repairs– We own a 15 year old Toyota that we LOVE. We love it so much, we’re going to try and drive it for another 15 years, but it needs some TLC. In January, we’ll be tackling some of the less costly repairs such as electrical work, fender repair, and general maintenance.

What’s on your project list this month?

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