Is Homemade Worth It?

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At what point does your time become more valuable than your dollar? When does the satisfaction of a job well done become less important than the money saved?

The motivation for homemade is fueled by the satisfaction of your own work, saving money, a healthier life, a simpler way of living, a love of learning. The list could go on. It is these answers, that makes the question have more than a yes or no answer.

Is homemade worth it

In short, yes- homemade is worth it– I also LOVE homemade, DIY work. But the answer isn’t that simple.

I’ve heard people say make the bread, buy the butter. And this is exactly the general concept we use on our Ranch. We make when it is cost effective, mostly enjoyable, and fits into our schedule. We buy when we’re tired and short on time. The hard part, is finding the balance that fits your life and your goals.

To answer whether homemade is worth it, I’m sharing just a few thoughts on homemade/DIY v. the convenience of store-bought.


This is the most obvious place for many to start their homemade revolution. It provides rewards that you can smell and taste and can change the nature of dinner conversations. So what’s worth it?

BreadTake the time. Not sure how to master the art of homemade bread during busy times? Bake in bulk. Bake enough carbs for the month, cool, wrap in freezer paper, and freeze together in a clean pillow case. Allow to thaw overnight or bake for a warm, fresh loaf.

Pastries– When you have time, homemade is always best. But when you’re in a pinch, support local and spend time with the people you love.

ProduceIf you have the time and space, grow the veggies you buy most often. If your short on time and space, keep it simple. Potted herbs on a window sill can liven any dish and bring life to any room.

Dinner– It doesn’t matter what you make, a homemade meal is better than dinner from a box any day. To make it happen, make a menu and cook ahead.

These are just a few of our favorite food resources: bread, pizza, and meal plans.


Laundry Detergent– I’ll admit, this is something I hate making, but love using. Homemade is more gentle, maintains colors better, and produces a cleaner finished product. Make your own. This is my favorite recipe.

Glass CleanerDon’t waste your money. Make your own streak free cleaner with this recipe.  This also doubles as a great all-purpose cleaner throughout the house.

General CleanersKeep it simple. Borax, washing soda, vinegar, and the occasional splash of bleach are all you need to keep your house clean.

General House– Not quite DIY, but helpful none-the-less, a good vacuum goes a long way. It can be used to dust just about every inch of your house and prevent you from needing to purchase general household cleaners. We use a bag less upright that doesn’t have any operating expenses after the initial purchase.


Generally– This is an area where it’s quicker to buy than make, but if you check out some of your favorite decorations, they could be easily replicated with unused items at home. If this is something you enjoy doing, it’s absolutely worth the time!

Furniture– This is something most people overlook, but when you take a closer look at what can be made and what needs to be bought, you realize there is a lot more you can do than you may have thought. Start here for some great ideas.


Home– Given the accessibility of how-to videos and step-by-step tutorials. Home repairs are worth giving a try. For the most part, we try our hand at repairs, but call the experts for the bigger jobs. When we do call for a professional, we make sure to ask lots of questions to help us tackle similar work in the future.

Car– Surprisingly, a lot of car work can be learned online. For basic repairs and maintenance, we recommend trying the work yourself, but for larger more difficult tasks, leave it to the pros.

What’s your experience with homemade. What DIYs have proved to be worth your time?

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