February: Sustainability Checklist

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“There are two spiritual dangers in not owning a farm. One is supposing that breakfast come from the grocery, and the other that heat comes from the furnace.”

~Aldo Leopold~

February Sustainability

February is when we start planning so we can avoid these assumptions. It’s no longer imperative to own a farm to create a more sustainable way of living. Urban settings have developed fantastic farming co-ops, farmers markets bring what you cannot produce, and bloggers like this have shown you just how much you can do with a city plot.

I like to think of February as a time when new beginnings actually begin. January is for thinking and a little planning. February is for making serious plans and putting them to action.

Here in the Wild West, the snow has melted, and our winter days have warmed to a comfortable place in the mid 40’s. As soon as the mud dries enough, we’ll be clearing more of our land to prepare for spring planting and I can’t help but to day dream of breaking from our weekends indoors.

Our list for the month is rather short. Over the course of the next four weeks we’ll find ourselves spending time in 3 states and two countries- leaving us a small amount of time to get work done around the ranch. This is what we’ll be working on to work toward increased sustainability:

  • Spring cleaning– I actually prefer this get done in fall, before we start spending entire weekends indoors. But it didn’t get done this past fall, so it’s a chore for the spring.
  • Garden planning– Our cool weather spring crops will be in the ground March 16, which means their beds need to be ready even sooner.
  • Prepare for chicks– Last year we brought these ladies home. This year, we’re getting a few more in the hopes of adding a few more hens and a rooster to the flock.
  • Simplifying– AKA. Declutter! We have a few approaches to this process. Read about one here.
  • Closet shelves– One last indoor winter project on the list, custom shelves for our home office closet. Stacked crates of paperwork just don’t cut it.
  • Clearing land– [time and weather permitting] We’ll start to tackle some of the weeds that have officially taken over. We have a lot of landscaping we’re hoping to finish this summer and the weeds must be gone before we can begin.

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