March: Sustainability Checklist

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March Sustainability Checklist

Several months ago, we started sharing the monthly project lists we make to help us work toward sustainability. We began doing this when we realized a rough truth- if we’re not ahead on the ranch, we’re behind-  and creating these lists keeps us ahead of schedule.

The spring months are always our busiest. Spring is when we prepare for summer. The work we do in spring is directly connected to our summer successes and fall harvests and ultimately, to our sustainability throughout the year.

As you work on your own list this month, focus on preparing for new life in your space. Whether that new life is an animal or plants, begin to prepare. The onset of spring always creates a busy arrival. So, prepare yourself. Prep garden beds, expand shelters, mend fences, and enjoy another new season! This is what we’ll be working on:

Bed 1Clean out this bed– Somehow, this garden bed managed to grow an incredible amount of grass over the winter months and it’s got to go.

Bed 2Prepare this new bed– We began putting this in last fall. This space will serve as our potato patch. It needs to be cleared of weeds, rocks, and have the soil amended. This will be a two-man, full-day project. Bonding time!

Create our living wall– We’re building a living wall in a section of our back space to create more privacy. Peas will be planted at the base and liven up the otherwise desert landscape view we have out our back window. Pea planting is March 17, so we must get building!

Pea planting– Pea planting is just around the corner and they’ll be the first seeds in the ground this year.

Bring home chicks– Unfortunately, we didn’t get any roosters from last year’s group of chicks. This year, we’ll be buying more in the hopes of taking on a rooster.

Clear weeds– We’ve been able to clear at least 2 acres of weeds, but there are 3 more to go!

Buying our first riding lawn mower– We plan to use this to cut weeds and haul smaller supplies throughout the property. There are some great mowers that will do all these jobs at a fraction of the price of an ATV. This will be our first big piece of equipment for the ranch.

Most of these are time consuming projects. Consider this when you are making your own spring plans. Clearing space and prepping gardens is time consuming, but taking the time now will save you work in the future.

So what’s on your spring list?

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