Summer Update

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For the past month, I have been struggling with how to write a comeback post after a six month hiatus. Nine months ago I started this truly amazing job. One of those jobs where you enjoy spending most of your day obsessing over all the possibilities. For the first three months, I was fortunate enough to have had prepared material for The Homespun Journal in advance. But these last six months have been a different story.

Now, I’m struggling with where I begin. I suppose the best way to show you all the changes is with pictures. So here’s a little summer update:


The gardens have taken off. We’ve expanded to about 300 square feet of garden space and we’ve tried out two new gardening methods this year. The tomatoes started having the same problems as last year. I discovered they were getting too much water and right as they started looking healthy and producing, we received a ton of rain. So we’re back to rescuing what’s left of the tomatoes.


We introduced grapes to the garden. It hasn’t been the most productive first season, but they’ll come around. I never expect many fruits to do well the first year.

Strawberry patch

The strawberry patch has been started. We are really excited for next spring; although, it’s looking like we may get a small harvest this year.


The chickens grew from a flock 5 to a flock of 20…which has now become 17 as we begin butchering some of our birds for meat.

We’ve successfully established some fire protection around the house with a wide perimeter of gravel. Next summer, we’ll finish the perimeter and be more fully protected.

And finally, The Homespun Journal has expanded into a local column, The Homespun Neighbor. I’ve been writing for a local paper for the past six months. And, it’s that writing that made me realize just how realistic it is for me to write and share on this site more frequently.

For today, I’d like to leave with a thank you. Thank you to everyone who has continued to follow our work. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to get more regular updates. Look forward to our latest project, preserving squash, in the coming weeks.

What’s new on your homestead?


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  1. C. O'Byrne says:

    Good work. Thanks for the update.

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